10517299_10204047576806156_7913953138257398322_oSeems like it was just yesterday, as I dropped off my son to kindergarten – tears in my eyes. He turned to me and said “Ok, bye dad – don’t take too long”. He was ready to start, more ready than I was. I remember looking at the 3rd graders – thinking they looked like monsters next to my son. Walking back to my car, I was definitely more afraid than he was.

Fortunately however, I knew my son was in good hands – we had picked a district with a amazing school system and terrific parental involvement. He loved his first day – and we never looked back.  My fears, quickly disappearing, when I saw the extraordinary opportunities ahead of him.

Today my little kindergartner is a Sophomore at Palos Verdes Peninsula High School. Active in speech and debate – with a great group of friends. I feel so lucky to be here!

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