As a candidate, I am fortunate to be allowed the opportunity to visit all of the schools in the district. This past week I spent time at 6 of our elementary schools, and am very thankful for the time the principals set aside to meet with me. I know they are extremely busy and their time is valuable.

One thing was abundantly clear in this weeks visit – all of the principals were immensely proud of their schools – and deservedly so! It was fantastic to watch the students wave and smile at their principals, and to watch the principals interacting with them.

Our district is geographically diverse, and our schools have each taken on their own individual identity. This was fully on display during the tours – the curriculum is the same, but the student experiences are tailored to their surrounding neighborhood. It is wonderful that the schools and PTAs,and when available Boosters, can provide these custom experiences to our students.


Week 1



Silver Spur!

Lunada Bay!

Vista Grande!

Point Vicente!


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